New Noise Guitar Repair is a fretted instrument repair shop in South Philadelphia that provides its customers the personal care musicians deserve.

A graduate of the Eastern School of Fretted Instrument Repair in Freehold, NJ, Matt Miller, proprietor, is a certified guitar repair technician with experience in national guitar shops.

As a longtime musician and lover of fretted instruments, it is Matt’s mission to ensure his clients have the best musical experience from their beloved instruments. He can be seen performing with his band at many Philadelphia-area venues, where he also makes house calls.


Guitar Set-Up: Includes cleaning, block dress, clean all electronics, adjustments of neck, nut, saddles, action, and intonation

  • Acoustic / Electric: $40
  • Floyd Rose Set-Up: $45
  • Block Floyd Rose: $25 & up

Fret Dress: Level, crown,  & polish existing frets, includes set-up

  • $90

Complete Re-fret: Replace & dress all frets, includes set-up

  • Unbound board: $230
  • Bound board: $270
  • Lacquered maple: $300

New Nut: Includes set-up

  • Corian / Micarta: $70
  • Bone/Graphite: $80

New Saddle: All saddles compensated, includes set-up

  • Corian / Micarta: $65
  • Bone: $70

Re-Glue Loose Bridge: $125 & Up

Install New Pickups: Does not include pickup or parts.

  • $35 Per pickup
  • Change from active to passive electronics, or vice versa: $50 per pickup

Repair Loose Wire/Jack: $20

Complete Rewire: $90 – Does not include parts

Partial Rewire: $50 – Does not include parts

  • Shielding: $60

Flat Hourly Rate: $50
Minimum Bench Fee: $20


Other services available, please contact me for a quote.

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I’m available most weekday evenings, and weekends.

phone: 484-483-3002 (text or voice)
email: info@newnoiseguitars.com
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