New Noise Guitar Repair is a fretted instrument repair shop in Chapel Hill, NC that provides its customers the personal care musicians deserve.

A graduate of the Eastern School of Fretted Instrument Repair in Freehold, NJ, Matt Miller, proprietor, is a certified guitar repair technician with experience in national guitar shops.

As a longtime musician and lover of fretted instruments, it is Matt’s mission to ensure his clients have the best musical experience from their beloved instruments.


Effective September 10, 2023

Services are by appointment only.

Setups: $70 *
Adjust neck, nut, saddle, action, intonation, and pickup height; clean electronics; minor fret dress and polish; tighten loose hardware; clean and polish entire instrument. Diagnose any issues. Strings are not included.

Fret Dress: $140
Level, crown, and polish existing frets. Includes setup.

Complete Refret: starting at $300
Replace all existing frets, and dress new frets. Includes setup.

New Nut: starting at $150 *
Build custom nut. Includes installation and setup. Includes bone blank, may not include cost of other material.

New Saddle: $125 *
Build custom, compensated saddle. Includes installation and setup. Includes bone blank, may not include cost of other material.

Reglue Loose Bridge: starting at $170
Includes setup.

Repair Broken Headstock: starting at $170
Includes setup. Does not include refinishing/repainting.

Pickup Installation: starting at $50 *
Two pickups start at $75. Three pickups start at $100. Active/passive conversions start at $140. Does not include pickups.

Complete/Custom Rewire: starting at $140 *
Does not include parts.

Repair Loose Wire or Jack: starting at $40

Minimum Bench Fee: $40

Other services are offered. Please contact me for a quote.

Services not offered: amplifier and pedal repair; re-finishing and finishing.

* Strings and other parts are not included in the price. I don’t stock many parts, so many will need to be specially ordered. I often have D’Addario guitar strings in stock, or you may supply your own. I generally do not stock bass strings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does _____ cost?
Please see the services page. Many services have a “starting at” price because it’s often difficult to assess the repair without seeing the instrument in person.

I just put these strings on. Can you use them for the setup? They’re not that old.
I use brand-new strings for all setups. Using new strings eliminates any issues that old strings can cause. I can’t guarantee my work using old strings. I realize bass strings can be rather expensive so I return used bass strings with your instrument.

Are you looking for help/an apprentice/an intern?
I don’t have enough work to warrant an employee or assistant of any kind. However, I’m happy to share knowledge and will answer as many questions as I can.

What should I bring to my appointment?
Please bring your instrument, a case for storage (hardshell is preferred if you have one), any parts you want installed, and a package or two of your desired strings. If you are unsure what parts or strings you should have, please contact me beforehand. I’m happy to make recommendations. I also have some strings on hand for purchase with your repair.

Do you take credit cards or checks?
I do not. I prefer cash, but will accept Venmo and PayPal.

When do I pay?
Payment is due when you pick up your instrument.