Frequently Asked Questions

How much does _____ cost?
Please see the services page. Many services have a “starting at” price because it’s often difficult to assess the repair without seeing the instrument in person.

I just put these strings on. Can you use them for the setup? They’re not that old.
I use brand-new strings for all setups. Using new strings eliminates any issues that old strings can cause. I can’t guarantee my work using old strings. I realize bass strings can be rather expensive so I return used bass strings with your instrument.

Are you looking for help/an apprentice/an intern?
I don’t have enough work to warrant an employee or assistant of any kind. However, I’m happy to share knowledge and will answer as many questions as I can.

What should I bring to my appointment?
Please bring your instrument, a case for storage (hardshell is preferred if you have one), any parts you want installed, and a package or two of your desired strings. If you are unsure what parts or strings you should have, please contact me beforehand. I’m happy to make recommendations. I also have some strings on hand for purchase with your repair.

Do you take credit cards or checks?
I do not. I prefer cash, but will accept Venmo and PayPal.

When do I pay?
Payment is due when you pick up your instrument.