Effective Jan 1, 2021

Services are by appointment only.

Setups: $55 *
Adjust neck, nut, saddle, action, intonation, and pickup height; clean electronics; minor fret dress and polish; tighten loose hardware; clean and polish entire instrument. Diagnose any issues. Strings are not included.

Fret Dress: $110
Level, crown, and polish existing frets. Includes setup.

Complete Refret: starting at $250
Replace all existing frets, and dress new frets. Includes setup.

New Nut: starting at $110 *
Build custom nut. Includes installation and setup. Does not include the cost of material.

New Saddle: $90 *
Build custom, compensated saddle. Includes installation and setup. Does not include the cost of material.

Reglue Loose Bridge: starting at $135
Includes setup.

Repair Broken Headstock: starting at $135
Includes setup. Does not include refinishing/repainting.

Pickup Installation: starting at $40 *
Two pickups start at $80. Three pickups start at $90. Active/passive conversions start at $110. Does not include pickups.

Complete/Custom Rewire: starting at $110 *
Does not include parts.

Repair Loose Wire or Jack: starting at $25

Minimum Bench Fee: $25

Other services are offered. Please contact me for a quote.

Services not offered: amplifier and pedal repair; re-finishing and finishing.

* Strings and other parts are not included in the price. I don’t stock many parts, so many will need to be special ordered. I often have D’Addario guitar strings in stock, or you may supply your own. I generally do not stock bass strings.